View Full Version : Black Diamond Apollo LED lantern sale

05-01-2009, 2:37 PM
REI's having an anniversary sale on a variety of lights, including the very good Black Diamond Apollo lantern, which makes an excellent emergency lantern around the house.

Currently $35, down from $50 - these are very nice LED lanterns, with a soft, diffuse, bright light (3W Cree, reportedly, not sure which model), flexible brightness control, and charge indicator. They also have good runtimes, though the spec runtime is considered optimistic.


My neighbor has one, and I like it a lot more than my less expensive Coleman and Sylvania lanterns, which have a lot of glare. I've ordered 2 to replace the house emergency lanterns.

It's also a great camping lantern, though a bit bulky and heavy for backpacking. The BD Orbit's a better bet for backpacking, and is less expensive, but only 1W.

You can save shipping by picking it up at an REI store if there's one near you.

05-01-2009, 3:02 PM
Cool - thanks for the heads up!

here's a pic of it