View Full Version : Question for LEO's regarding support groups that give 'devices'

04-30-2009, 6:26 PM
I am a member of an police association that supports law enforcement where I am in business. It is made up of mostly local business people and LEOS. All members had to be invited to join and have their to background checked out. With membership, they issue and honorary ID card and 'device' wallet for your DL. I was just wondering how officers from other departments or agencies react when coming into contact with one of these individuals. I have heard of different reactions; 'it just lets me know that this guy is on our side' or 'this guy is a wanna-be'. I can see both sides of the coin, as every LEO puts his/her life on the line for their badge. What do you guys think?

04-30-2009, 6:40 PM
Guess for me it would depend on the manner in which it was displayed to me. If it was a casual conversation in shich they were discussing their membership, then thats cool, if they were flashing it due to being a reporting party of a crime or conveniently made it visible during a traffic stop or what not, I may be a little bothered. Situation would dictate for how I would feel about it.

Just my .02