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04-30-2009, 5:41 PM
6 boxes of Winchester Ranger 9MM +P+ 115 gr. JHP. One box has Magic Marker on the box and on the case heads.

2 boxes of Remington 9MM +P+ 115 gr. JHP.


$45 per box (50 rounds per box) cash or discreet electronic payment (+4%).

FTF preferred but will ship on your dime (to confirmed address only if using electronic payment). Located in Sonoma County.

Be advised that this ammunition does not meet SAAMI specs (the Remington has a warning label, the Winchester does not) and is best suited for carbine use. I can tell you that firing about 200 rounds of this ammunition will shear off the front night sight of your Glock 17; bet you can figure out how I know. Sold with the understanding that it does not meet SAAMI specs and that I am not responsible for damage caused by firing this ammunition.