View Full Version : Centurion .223 and more in at AIM

04-30-2009, 11:10 AM
Call 888-748-5252 to order. Some operators will tell you it's a back-order, but it's there.

A223US $370/k shipped to San Jose - people give this good reviews as range ammo.

As posted on arfcom:

arrived today

A223US, .223 centurion $169.95 /500rd can,
A223BBFMJ55, .223 Brown Bear 55grn FMJ $5.40 per box
A223SBHP, .223 Silver Bear 62grn HP $5.60 per box
A308BB, .308 Brown Bear .308 FMJ, $7.95 25 @$7.75
A9mmBB, 9mm Brown Bear FMJ $9.95 a box
A9x18RHP, 9x18 Silver Bear HP, $11.95, 20 @ $11.50

call in now, if you wait till it hits the website you probably waited to long

Centurion - New Production .223 Ammunition manufactured in the USA by a Department of Defense Contractor. This is First Quality ammunition utilizing the finest in components including a 55grn full copper jacketed lead core boat tail bullet, brass case, and Non-corrosive boxer primer. Bulked packed in 500rd bags. This ammunition functioned flawlessly when run through independent professional testing, and posted very tight groups at 100 yards. While supplies last.