View Full Version : Lower receiver Intra-familiar trans Q

04-26-2009, 12:24 PM
If my mother has an AK nds-3, can I do the intramiliar transfer on it like I could do on a rifle or shotgun? That is just petty much she gives it to me and thats it? Or would it hove to be built into a rifle first? Oh duh and this is an issue because I am not 21 yet and can't buy the receiver to build my ak

Mssr. Eleganté
04-26-2009, 1:57 PM
If she is also a California resident then yes she can just give it to you. It does not need to be built into a rifle first as that restriction only comes into play if you are acquiring the firearm from an FFL. Since it is not a handgun you don't need to report the transfer to CalDOJ.