View Full Version : SCCC at UCSD!

04-24-2009, 3:37 PM
So I got Macadelic4 (CGN) to openly wear his bulletproof vest with me at UCSD for extra exposure at school for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (we are unofficial members, partly because the organizer never got back to me... oh well, still campaigned for the cause!).

Apparently, we got some pro-rights people here at UCSD. We talked with at least 10 people about SCCC, RKBA, UOC, etec and we met three more at Westfield UTC when the saw the "Curious? Just ask me!" sign on Macadelic4's vest (just got mine printed out) that were pro-gun as well, all at the T-mobile counter (WOO HOO!). Who would have thought?!?

Here is our video that we just took for it. Taken with my Blackberry Pearl and uploaded over Qik (I love Qik!) ENJOY!




04-24-2009, 3:45 PM
BTW, the SCCC's "Empty Holster Protest" was this week, so I EC'd (Empty Carried) one of pullnshoot's holsters at school with UOC pamphlets sticking out of it.

Something poetic about being "armed with knowledge".