View Full Version : Reaching out.

04-22-2009, 2:53 PM
After Tuesday's hearings it is clear that Alan Gura's comments about lots of lawsuits is going to be the rule in California.

One thing is clear, as we win, alot of other people are going to lose.

Now, my view of the Brady bunch is that they all can go **** off and die.

Where I am going with this is, who is going to foot the bill for our "victories".

Many of these other groups, like taxpayer groups, government unions, people who use certain government services are not going to see our lawsuits coming because of the media blackout.

Many of these groups don't care about our issue, one way or another.

If they are warned ahead of time in a nice way, we might even build some allies.

Thinik of it like you have a friend doing dumb things, another person comes up to you and tells you your friend is doing dumb things and needs to change.

Your friend refuses to change even though he is wrong. Your friend gets sued and loses. Now your friend tells you he can't pay you money he owes you because he got sued and you knew he could have easily avoided the lawsuit, but he was arrogant and wrong.

Who are you going to blame for your loses, your friend or the person who sued your friend?