View Full Version : Bianchi and Uncle Mike's holsters

04-19-2009, 7:58 PM
For sale Bianchi Holsters and Uncle Mike's for the Beretta 92f Brand new, H&K USP 9mm Mags,Colt 45 Mags Goverment Model,Browning 9mm BDM Mags.
Bianchi Holster tan $30.00
Uncle Mike's Hoslter $25.00
H&K USP 9mm 10rds $25.00
Colt 45 Factory Mags blue $25.00
Original Browning 9mm Mags $30.00
Colt 38 Super Mags $30.00
Location San Diego Ca, I will ship.
I do have several of each of the items i listed, just let me know what you need. Also some Blackhawk magazine pouch. Thank you.