View Full Version : WTS- Satern 24" Grendel Barrel or Upper and Factory ammo.

Matt P
04-19-2009, 3:34 PM
Well, I am moving on. Not completely, I just want to pursue some other things as it relates to long range.
You can see by all the Factory ammo I have, I have been hoarding, and shooting more handload. Most of the handload in Noslers 120s. Using Varget and a little BL-C.

Since I dont want to shoot paper with the expensive Factory stuff, and I cant hunt with it here in Calif, I thought I would sell it.
For now, I will NOT sale the ammo seperate. None of it. It goes with the barrel or the upper. This way, I hope to entice one of you more so since you would have close to 400 rounds of the hard to get Factory ammo.

I am selling the following:

1. Satern Barrel 24" SS Fluted, (2) VAIS Brakes (yes two of them, dont ask me why, just enjoy), with Bolt. Approx 350 rounds through the barrel. Most of it was the Black Hills about 200 rds. The rest in handload. Loaded on the light side guys. No other parts. I will just re-barrel this upper. I paid over $800. Barrel was around $700.00, VAIS Brake $90, and I had him thread the barrel and mount it. Another $150.00 just for him to do that. So, closer to $900.00 with both brakes.
$650.00 for the barrel set up, Bolt and (2) Brakes.

2. Barrel as above in complete upper.
KAC, or Knights 12" Free Float rail, JP adjustable Gas Block, RRA upper, PRI Big Latch on the charging handle, RRA Bolt Carrier, Quick release sling mount, and KAC Bipod mount screw on. Dura Coated Mag Pul OD Green Custom..No La Rue Mount or my Leupold or Bi pod.
The extra Brake.

Finally, the Ammo ONLY for sale to Upper or Barrel buyer. All Factory. Will Not sale seperate unless the Barrel buyer does not want the ammo too.
WOLF 123 SP- 49 rds
AA 90 Grain- 40 rds
AA 120 Grain- 100 rds
AA 123 Grain- 73 rds
Black Hills 123- 143 rds
$600.00 for all the ammo. Sorry, its tough to find this stuff. I had to pay premium dollars just to get such a selection.

I will not part out the rifle. its either package 1, or package 2. Barrel or Upper buyer can choose to purchase the ammo or not. But, that person gets first dibs.

Oh, I am keeping my 16" Middy in Grendel. So I will be keeping all my spent brass and bullets and what not.

I also have the binder I made with groups I shot, loads I tried and what not. it goes with the barrel....FREE!!

Thanks guys..

04-19-2009, 5:07 PM
Man I'm looking for a setup like this, but I just spent all my money in Reno. Hold the price for a week or so I may get pumped back up.
The one concern I've heard is feeding. What has your experience been?
Can you post some of those groups?

04-19-2009, 5:11 PM
I'm interested in the ammo if your buyer decides to seperate.

04-20-2009, 8:05 AM

Somebody buy this so I don't lay awake at night wondering where I can come up with the money.

Matt P
04-20-2009, 8:21 AM
Here is an image from a shooting session last year. The rifle has sat WAYYYY more then anything else.
I was handloading a variety of powders and bullet weights.
That was really my only day of testing. I then bought more bullets and different powders.. I just didnt put much more time into it.
I shot off a bi pod and should have been using bags for more stability..


The rifle is actually incredible to look at. I airbrushed the parts my self, and did it uniquely so that the black rails are all unpainted. This way you can mount whatever, and not worry about marring the finish.

It is easily the best looking gas rifle I have. The barrel is bead blasted also.

Matt P
04-22-2009, 8:53 AM
Just an update,
I have posted a link to Satern Barrels.
They are generally considered to be the finest barrel makers for the Grendel.

My barrel is Stainless Steel, Cut Rifled, fluted, bead blasted, and with a Vais Brake on it. I purchased this specific brake because I felt from research it was one of the best for recoil reducing.
The barrel comes with two of them.


When I built this, I decided I was going to spare NO expense in combining what I thought were the finest made items to allow me the greatest degree of accuracy. I have well over $3000.00 in the complete rilfe.

Matt P
04-25-2009, 10:50 AM
This package is still available.. as of today Saturday.

04-27-2009, 9:24 AM
If the other buyer backs out I will buy option #1 from you, just let me know