View Full Version : So. Cal beginner seeks help and advise

04-18-2009, 11:13 PM

This may be an unusual request but it's worth a try. I am looking for an experienced long range shooter that might be willing to give up some of his time to help out a beginner.

I guess beginner is not completely true. From my early teens to my early 30's I owned many handguns, shotguns and some rimfire rifles but never a centerfire rifle. I then lost interest and sold all of my guns. Now in my early fifties I have decided to get back into shooting and after a couple of false starts decided I would like to try some long range target shooting.

I bought a barely broken in Remington 40XB in 300 win mag and a Leupold MK4 6.5-20X50 scope. After a somewhat disappointing first trip to the range I feel I could use some advise. I was hoping I could find someone who would be willing to spend an afternoon here and there to give me pointers and get me started in the right direction.

I know I could just buy a book or search online but an afternoon at the range meeting new people, burning up some ammo and picking up some pointers seems like more fun to me.


04-19-2009, 12:16 AM