View Full Version : How much more can the GSG do better

04-18-2009, 9:33 PM
in terms of accuracy. mind you, i'm not all that on shooting. i'm trying to gauge how steep (and far) the hill is on that improvement goal. I used 3 different ammo today - 36 grain federal bulk 550, 36 grain cci hv and the 40 grain federal 325 pack. it seems the 325 groups a little tighter at 25yds, but the CCI did also. at 50, doesn't seem all the different. oddly with my shooting, if i put 3 6" shoot-n-c in a diagonal pattern, i never do so well on the bottom one. best on middle, and top, regardless of distance like my AR (at 100yds especially).

i took some pics of of the targets at 50yds distance today with some wind. not sure how to gauge wind speed out there. i did slow my shooting also practicing my motion for my AR (kinda like your preparation for a golf tee or putt, same each time). i even found myself to be more steady placing the pistol grip over my left forearm (probably cuz shoulder was sore from crashing the dirt bike on flat track last night, and flying over the bars).

so how much farther is to tighter grouping on a GSG.



04-18-2009, 9:51 PM
Were you shooting at Livermore? I think I was in the stall next to yours.

I was shooting my Winchester .22 with a 3-9 scope at 50yds using Aguila Hyper Velocity, Remington and Federal Bulk, and my groups were worse than that. Normally this rifle makes a big ragged hole at 25yds, but things opened up quite a bit at 50yds. I'd estimate the wind at 10mph, so that would have some effect.

04-18-2009, 10:10 PM
did you have the walther too? if so, yeah, that's me. :) i was the dumb one that forgot the key to his cable lock on pistol today (shows you how much my pistols get touched if the wife doesn't go with me). LOL