View Full Version : TRADE: Wilson 16'' M4 Barrel.

04-18-2009, 2:59 PM
I want to trade because my upper receiver has m4 feed ramps, and my barrel does not have the m4 extension. So I need a barrel with an m4 extension. Barrel is technically brand new, I shot about 20 rounds....and thats it.....So im loooking for a direct trade, either in Socal or I will ship as well. PM me

Matt P
04-18-2009, 4:01 PM
PM sent

04-18-2009, 4:08 PM
Take it to Randall (ar15barrels on this forum) and have him put in the feedramps for you. He lives in Mar Vista/Culver City. Took him about 10 minutes to modify my barrel, does gorgeous gunsmithing work on anything else you might need.

I have no relationship with him except being an extremely satisfied customer.

04-18-2009, 4:58 PM
i say better off going to a gunsmith.