View Full Version : Latest Version Classic Army (CA) B&T stock for GSG-5 - CHEAP

04-18-2009, 9:27 AM
I have another B&T mp5 stock for the GSG-5. Comes complete and ready to install, you just need to use your body pins. Came off one of my CA airsoft gun.

Price: $35

Condition: The actual stock is PERFECT condition. However, the metal part where the stock attaches to (which attaches to actual gun), has 2 holes drilled out. Here's why, I had my battery wired to the back of stock from the internals in the MP5. This part, I rate it FAIR condition. Everything works fine, but it just has 2 holes drilled out. If you don't mind having 2 holes, this is a good deal. You can also pick up this part from CA for $20-30 if you want a new one.

I'll try to get some pictures up to explain this a little better. Overall, everything works.

Location: 92683
Shipping: $8 any where.

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