View Full Version : Variety of 7mm bullets for sale

04-17-2009, 7:43 PM
I'm switching over to lead free so I'm selling a bunch of odd bullets.

One unopened box (50 count) Nosler 160 grain Accubonds ($23.99 on Midway when you can get them, currently out of stock, no backorder)
15- Nosler 175 grain Partitions if you've ever wanted to try some out without paying $32/box here's your chance.
36- Speer 130 grain Spitzers
67- Hornady 123 grain Single Shot Pistol bullets (These are over 20 years old, I've shot them in my 7 mag and even at moderate loads they are devastating varmint bullets, absolutely explosive and lots of fun)

The whole batch for $30 shipped.