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04-17-2009, 10:18 AM
in the media that constantly screws us.
Took a little action on all the negative gun press lately and wrote to the local paper . They published my letter yesterday. http://www.labusas.org/forum/images/smilies/thumbup.gif

If you read the comments ( before they deleted most of them) on ABC's atrocious anti gun piece the comments were 99% pro gun slamming their ***. On almost every story published on-line that is negative on guns, if they have a comment section, it has been 99.9/10% pro gun. http://www.labusas.org/forum/images/smilies/icon_redface.gif

I know I am preaching to the choir here but we can turn the tide and you can be a part of it. Every chance you get to leave a pro-gun comment or an opportunity to put your two cents in on-line, do it. Write to the letters section of your local papers and news sources. Join the NRA and stay on top of their alerts. Take 5 minutes to email your reps anytime crap gun stuff comes up. Eventually the politicians will get the message and will have to join us if they want to keep their jobs.


Protect gun rights

There is an urgent and concerted effort by the media and the current administration to undermine your Second Amendment rights. Blaming Mexico's drug cartel violence and the recent multiple murders by mentally deranged people and convicted criminals on your right to keep and bear arms is the message. Taking our guns away is the goal. There are calls daily for firearm bans by grandstanding politicians and the media that can't stand to see a good crisis go to waste.

You are being misled. Showing full automatic weapons (illegal in the U.S. since 1934) and calling every gun a military high powered/high capacity AK47/ AR15 assault weapon is fear mongering at its worst. All of these firearms, along with high capacity magazines, have already been banned in California since 2000. In fact, California already has the most restrictive and draconian gun laws in the nation.

An estimated 90million law-abiding gun owners that own over 500 million guns in this country are not criminals and are sick and tired of being treated as such. This country is unique in that our founding fathers clearly understood that self defense is a God given right and the best tool for the job then, as now, is a firearm.

The Supreme Court has recently sanctified that right with the Heller case ruling confirming that you have an individual right to keep and bear arms. Will restricting and banishing law-abiding citizens' rights stop crazy people, criminals and drug cartels from committing atrocities? Obviously it will not. It will, however, empower our government and its lackey media to go after anything else in the Constitution they don't like or find conducive to their agenda.

All citizens, whether they choose to exercise their second amendment rights or not, should be extremely concerned about that.

Steve Casey
Agoura Hills

04-17-2009, 10:35 AM
Good for you. I would have added the guns in Mexico did come from the US, the US government sold them to every anti communist group who would take them, to over throw those countries and leaders we saw as a threat to American values, and Democracy.

So, if were going to throw blame around as to how these guns ended up in the hands of cartels, we can thank our own government.

04-17-2009, 10:39 AM
WTF?!? You didn't sound like a loon! :thumbsup: Nice letter.

04-17-2009, 10:55 AM
They actually published it?! :willy_nilly:

Great job on the letter.

04-17-2009, 11:01 AM
Great letter, if you dont mind I may use a few of your line. I plan on writing a letter to my legislatures about a few things on my mind.

04-17-2009, 11:08 AM
Patriot I only had a 300 word limit. Try saying everything you want to say to the general public about gun control in 300 words.:(

topgun and anyone else, feel free to use any and all of it.

04-17-2009, 11:12 AM
Score 1 point for you! Nice letter, to the point without sounding like gun nut.


04-17-2009, 11:14 AM
roger that....thanks

04-17-2009, 12:04 PM
Nice letter. Keep those up.

Just a twitch - 500 million is probably high for the number of guns owned by the ~90 million law abiding; Kleck published BATF data and BATF has published more since Kleck, indicating the number is probably closer to 300 million today. If we add in the illegal ones, I'd guess it would be in the low tens of millions more (but with no data, who can really say?)

04-17-2009, 12:24 PM
Another point. Full Auto Arms have not been illegal since 1934, they have been Federally Regulated since 1934 along with other types of devices such as silencers.

Nice letter:)

04-17-2009, 12:33 PM
Tough crowd...but I knew that.
I also knew that some of the stats were questionable since I got them from several resources. Hence the "estimated".

The 1934 full auto reference is a generalization in that they are illegal to own for almost everyone (unwilling and unable to jump through the gov hoops) and certainly illegal in the hands of criminals.

04-30-2009, 7:45 PM
Here is a response to my letter published last week.
Below it is a letter by Steve Cook that was published today.
I don't know Steve Cook but I would like to meet him and buy him a beer.:thumbsup:

Guns gone awry

I just had to comment on the letter from Steve Casey regarding gun rights ("Protect gun rights"), as he no doubt knows the Second Amendment was written in 1776 which was a very different situation than present.
Not only did the settlers have to fight hostile Indians (most of them the settlers made that way) but bears, wolves, and a lot of riffraff sent to the colonies as punishment for crimes both petty and felonious. You even had to protect yourself from religious zealots who believed in devils, witches, warlocks and whatever else they could think of.
Does Mr. Casey know how many people where killed with firearms this last year? It was 27,000 plus. In comparison to Great Britain—which includes Scotland, Ireland and Wales—the number was less than 30. If you include Australia, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, you still are less than 1,000.
This is because the penalties for committing crimes with firearms are extremely stiff—you can guarantee 25 years for a first offense. If you count all types of homicides in all of those countries, you will still not see the amount of homicides committed with firearms here in the U.S.
Most weapons that are in the hands of gangs in the U.S. are stolen from homeowners who keep weapons in their house. The latest estimate of firearms in the U.S. is in excess of 500 million.
I can't imagine what use someone would have for an AK47 or ARL15. I suppose Mr. Casey goes hunting rabbits with this type of weapon. I'm sure that is what Sarah Palin hunts with as she is flying around in a helicopter that is paid for by the state.
Keith F. Cornell
Agoura Hills

Argument shot full of holes

Apparently Keith F. Cornell ("Guns gone awry") is under the false impression that the Bill of Rights is an old and dusty piece of paper that has no relevance in today's world. He erroneously stated that it was written in 1776 when actually it was introduced by James Madison in 1789—but why let facts cloud the argument.
Fortunately for the rest of us, the Supreme Court has affirmed that the Second Amendment is an individual right. Even the liberal Ninth Circuit just this week affirmed that the Supreme Court's ruling does indeed apply to California.
Despite the fact that there are already countless laws on the books, Mr. Cornell and his ilk feel that the only solution is to create even more useless laws that do nothing but restrict lawabiding citizens from owning firearms. News flash: Criminals are criminals because they don't follow the rule of law. Rather than restrict the firearms that law abiding Americans choose to use for sport and personal protection, why not simply enforce current laws?
Ballistically, there is absolutely no difference between an AK-47, an AR-15, and dozens, if not hundreds, of sporting and hunting firearms. Just because a rifle is black and looks evil is no reason to restrict its use by law-abiding Americans.
To support his gun bashing, Mr. Cornell wrote that there were over 27,000 gun-related deaths last year. Only about 15,000 of those were homicides. There were over 37,000 deaths in car accidents. Excluding accidents and homicides, alcoholrelated deaths topped 21,000. Using his reasoning, perhaps we should ban cars and alcohol.
Since he mentioned Australia, did you know that in the years following a total gun ban in that country the crime rates surged? Violent crime up 42 percent, rape up 30 percent, assault up 49 percent. At the same time in the wild and wooly United States, violent crime was down 32 percent, rape was down 19 percent, and assault declined 32 percent. In 1976, Washington D.C. enacted a handgun ban and saw its murder rate go up 134, percent while the rest of the U.S. saw a decline of 2.2 percent.
Gun banners continue to promote their failed policies, regardless of the consequences to the people who must live with them.
Steve Cook

04-30-2009, 8:45 PM
Good read :thumbsup: