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04-16-2009, 6:50 PM
Me, I was on the USS.Harpers Ferry. LSD49
I was in B.co 3rd Amphibious Assault Bn.

04-16-2009, 7:12 PM
zodiacs :D

04-16-2009, 7:16 PM
zodiacs :D

Splitting hairs here arent we??Ha Ha
so I guess AAV P7's count as well.. LCACS and landing craft too What about a HMMWV floating to the bottom of the Santa Margarita River on Camp Pendleton.

04-16-2009, 8:27 PM
USS Belleau Wood LHA-3

04-16-2009, 9:40 PM
USS Essex, LHD 2:thumbsup:

04-16-2009, 10:25 PM
I was on USS my *** was on land my whole enlistment.

04-16-2009, 10:36 PM
USS Denver
USS Cayuga
USS Iwo Jima (old)
USS Essex
USS Tarawa
USS Iwo Jima (new)
USS Comstock

04-16-2009, 11:39 PM
USS Juneau
USS Essex

04-17-2009, 12:40 AM
USS Dubuque LPD 8 (two tours) Both with 31st MEU BLT 2/4, I was with 3rd AAV BN C Co. 3rd PLT. Second tour was 5 months in the gulf covering for the 11th MEU, Landed in Oki and three days later splashing the welldeck!


04-17-2009, 3:12 PM
USS Belleau Wood LHA-3

An old buddy of mine was on the Belleau Wood he was with 2/5 in the motor pool

04-17-2009, 5:44 PM
Unfortunately I got stuck in 29 PALMS FOR 5 yrs. LOL

04-17-2009, 6:13 PM
Unfortunately I got stuck in 29 PALMS FOR 5 yrs. LOL

OUCH! I spent a little time out there too. 1997 I did every CAX and stayed for steele knight.Never came into town the whole time and hit camp wilson once the whole time for about a week.but we tore up the warriors club!

04-17-2009, 6:25 PM
Unfortunately I got stuck in 29 PALMS FOR 5 yrs. LOL

Had a buddy of mine did 4 yrs. @ The Palms - 57-61.

Anybody aboard the Pickaway APA 222 in the early 60's?

04-17-2009, 6:27 PM
LOL I worked for the EEAP/ ESD I was in the engineering side with all the heavy equipt and generators, etc. even tho that place sucked ***, I still miss it at times LOL. I guess when you are a marine you learn to overcome even the worst places, by the way, before that I was stationed in yermo, next to Barstow LOL, talk about having luck huh? actually I chose my duty stations. Growing up in vegas just gets u used to the desert...

04-17-2009, 6:28 PM
Round this time of year you can start to smell the infamous Lake Bandini in 29 stumps...

04-17-2009, 6:30 PM
Stumps and Yermo!! must be a glutton for punishment! ha ha ha
But I know what you mean about the desert.I too enjoy it.

04-17-2009, 7:44 PM
On my last year I was heading to DI school and 1 week after I got to San Diego my class was canceled and I was given orders to go to IRAQ. Dats when I decided to Git OUT--from yermo to 29 to Iraq. I just had enough .

04-17-2009, 9:30 PM
USS Coral Sea 1985-1986 (VMFA-314)

I got my HD in Feb of 90 just before desert storm but did 8 months on this old breaking down bucket of rust.

Missions we carried out:

Operation Attain Document III included sinking of most of Libya's Navy missile patrol boats with first use of the AGM-84 (Harpoon) in combat, and destruction of Libyan missile guidance radar installation at Sirte with first operational use of AGM-88 HARMs.

Operation El Dorado Canyon (Bombing of Libya)
Popped the cherry on the FA-18A...

04-18-2009, 7:44 AM
I was on the Coral sea, pelilu and a few others I just dont remember. I got our right after Desert storm, vollinteered to go over there and got sent for the stumps to Japan and ran NBC for most of the year. I would have rather been in the desert back on the flight line in 29 plams.
if any of you know SGT Jack. get in touch. no one called me by my last name while I was in.

04-18-2009, 12:01 PM
Pelileu-'99 & '01. Helos.

04-18-2009, 2:29 PM

04-18-2009, 9:10 PM
uss essex
uss bonhomme richard
uss denver

04-22-2009, 9:46 PM
USS Germantown
USS Anchorage
USS Denver

04-23-2009, 2:02 AM
I was never in the Marines but I once stayed at a Motel-6, LOL.

I did have a chance to play on the USS Duluth for awhile though, I would have hated to be a Marine underway with the lodgings they had. Got to do some fire drills and put out a few LCAC during the short cruise. It was the first time I got to play with a thermal imager as they were being used by the fire crews. Also got to see the Phalanx take out some teeny targets, the gunnery officer told me I should never come close to it even while in port because the radiation might make lower my sperm count, still not sure if that was a joke or not.

All in all it convinced me never to join the Navy and never be a Marine underway on a Navy ship. It was the first time I heard the various MARINE acronym and the one that still sticks with me to this day is:

My *** Rides In Navy Equipment

04-23-2009, 4:36 AM
USS New Orleans
USS Boxer

04-23-2009, 6:17 AM
Bobfried, I agree about the quarters and being underway but it's pretty nice when you hit a libo part. Being a Marine as ship's company is worse, but as infantryman, it wasn't that bad. A lot of time cleaning and classes. Australia is awesome.

04-24-2009, 8:18 AM
USS Belleau Wood - I would have thought there would be more... I once had a theory that EVERY Marine eventually does two things: (1) Gets kicked out of Kadena's Airman's club, and (2) Gains sea time on the Belleau Wood. Was anyone else a little sad when they sank her?

USS Duluth - 15th MEU
USS Anchorage - 15th MEU
USS Essex - 15th MEU

Ahhh, miss that Bandini smell. Nothing like getting a good whiff of that $*** in the middle of your PFT!

04-24-2009, 8:00 PM
I constantly prayed that my next deployment would be to the Pacific. But alas, the Corps saw fit to send me to Iraq 3 times instead. They could have at least sent us over there on a ship.

I wanted to storm some beaches and sh!# like the recruiter said I would. Just doesn't seem right.

Oh well I could always be a mustang and hit up ocs after college. Actually kinda sounds like a good idea.

04-24-2009, 9:47 PM
When I was deployed to Oki on my first tour, every Marine on the Island was banned from going onto Kadena (except to use the buses) due to a fight between some Airman and a few grunts with my unit. As you might have guessed the Airman got thier a#@ handed to them. Everybody in my unit got chewed out and three guys got NJP.

Do they still make a company go on a hump if someone gets a DUI?

04-24-2009, 11:20 PM
USS Belleau Wood cross decked to USS Essex
USS Fort Mckinely
USS Germantown
USS Juneau

Golden Shellback FTW!!!

04-25-2009, 9:00 AM
USS Essex
USS Boxer
13th meu
31st meu

04-25-2009, 4:38 PM
USS Germantown - 1998

A total of 6 years in th stumps

04-25-2009, 9:18 PM
USS Cleveland 93-94
USS Peleliu 95-96

15th MEU

04-25-2009, 11:32 PM
USS Belleau Wood - I would have thought there would be more... I once had a theory that EVERY Marine eventually does two things: (1) Gets kicked out of Kadena's Airman's club, and (2) Gains sea time on the Belleau Wood. Was anyone else a little sad when they sank her?

i did both above.

tripoli / 15th meusoc
new orleans for some training
deathstar / 31st meusoc