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04-15-2009, 6:38 PM
On the CMMG web site under "new products" but no picture with it:


Gas Piston systems operate cleaner then the direct gas impingement operating systems. With the piston system, the propellant gases that are being diverted at the gas block are now vented at the gas block, instead in the operating system of the upper receiver. Since the fouling from the gas system is not being vented in to the action of your firearm, it stays cooler and cleaner. Our system is designed around the short stroke piston operation. The piston pushes the anti tilt one piece carrier, which unlocks the bolt and allows the piston to return home while the bolt carrier continues to cycle independently.

The upper is built off of our standard forged A3 receiver with M4 feed ramps. The chrome plated gas piston is mounted in a solid one piece steel gas block attached to the barrel by pins. The dedicated, piston specific, anti-tilt bolt carrier is one piece, machined with the piston impingement key in place and is finished with a low friction Nickel Teflon coating. The carrier uses our standard bolt or any after market 5.56 bolt. The barrel is our 4140 steel, M4 profile, 5.56mm chamber and bore, 1/9 twist ratio and 1/2x28 threaded barrel and our proprietary WASP surface treatment. The upper is finished with M4 handguard caps, M4 handguards and an A2 flash hider installed with a crush washer. Our piston rifles utilize our standard forged mil-spec lower with mil-spec fire control group and take-down pins and mil-spec 6 position ribbed, reinforced stock.

The piston gas block has a gas shut off setting for use with a suppressor to allow for maximum noise reduction. You must replace the crush washer with a peel washer if you plan to mount your suppressor on the original flash hider. All rifles have been factory head spaced and test fired. Included with firearm is 1-30rd mag, USMC technical manual and lifetime warranty. There is no rear sight with this model. There are no upgrade options available with this model.
SKU Number:F-1604-M4-LEP
Price: $999.95