View Full Version : Combat Optical Gen.2 Handguard w/pics

04-14-2009, 3:51 PM
Hello yall, just go got off work and the postman left a box out front from COMBAT OPTICAL.http://combatoptical.com/

I recently ordered a Generation 2 Handguard, and a clawmount.http://combatoptical.com/catalog/GSG5-CLAW-MOUNT-89.htmlhttp://combatoptical.com/catalog/GSG5-GSG5-2nd-Generation-Tactical-Hand-Guard-Free-Grip--562.html

What I didnt expect was the free vert grip and the free QD laser/sight flashlight combo. At the time of initial purchase I never realised that this stuff comes free. Well, in any event, for those of you looking to dress up your GSG5 plinker, here's another alternative brought to you by way of COMBATOPTICAL (Fast shipping btw)

The Goodies and the free grip

The free QD laser/light combo

The finished product, all put together

04-14-2009, 3:52 PM
And Another view

Not really feelin' the grip, anyone know a place where i can get a HK style vert grip??