View Full Version : FS: AR15 Billet Lower 60% & 10/22 Volq. V2000 Trigger

04-14-2009, 1:19 PM
First up is Yellow Logic's 60% Billet Lower.

They machine this from 7075 T6, it has no markings, stampings, or roll marks. Fidelis Arms, Orion Arms, or even a local engraver could put anything you want on it such as logo, caliber, or fire selector markings.

This has not yet been designated as a pistol or rifle, so build into literally whatever designation you want.

Work Needed:
1. Holes need to be drilled for the bolt catch roll pin, buffer retainer, selector, selector detent and the hammer/trigger pins.
2. The hole for the pistol grip screw needs to be drilled and tapped.
3. The fire control group cavity needs to be opened.
4. The slot for the trigger needs to be opened.

These are the original Yellow Logic lowers. The only difference that I am aware of is that the Gen 2 has the top of the magazine fence trimmed to make disassembly of the bolt catch easier. On the Gen 1s, the magazine fence is so large that disassembly of the bolt catch is difficult. To fix this, I will include some shorter roll pins. However a normal bolt catch roll pin will fit no problem, if you plan to remove it in the future you can cut it down to any length you want or you can partially knock it out with a punch and carefully cut off the roll pin.

I am including the 60%, various bolt catch roll pins, and a link or the paper of the blueprints for building a lower from CNC Guns.

These are currently being sold for $255 and are out of stock on them, I am asking $215 shipped. I have not built it, it has been sitting in bubblewrap in my safe so it is in perfect condition.




Second is a Ruger 10/22 Volquartsen V2000 Trigger Assembly Black

I was running this in my 10/22 for a short while and is in my opinion the best trigger you can buy for the 10/22. I bought two 50rds boxes of .22lr and only went through about three quarters of the box, so somewhere around fifty rounds have been put through this trigger assembly.

MidwayUSA's has it for sale here (http://www.midwayusa.com/viewproduct/?productnumber=736286)

The gist is essentially:
-CNC machined with precision EDM parts.
-It features a pre-travel adjustment, the hammer is precision ground and hardened.
-The sear and disconnector are machined to within +/- .0002" tolerances.
-The springs are custom tuned.
-Features an oversized safety, extented bolt catch and mag release.
-Trigger pull is pre-set to 2lbs-2.5lbs.


Asking $200 shipped