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04-12-2009, 12:32 AM
I notice that we have close to 10,000 active members.

Do we have anyone on this board that is a independent film producer or has access to people who are and support our gun rights?

What I propose is that we consider creating our own film production company and we start producing our own entertainment films.

I am not looking to create high costs special effects films.

We do something that Hollywood isn't doing. We produce films that actually have intelligent stories and promote values that most Americans support.

This of course would be business projects, as such, it would be an investment.

Many good films actually got produced on low budgets, the film crews were creative to keep costs down.

Controversal story lines will get people to see the films and by doing that we can also educate people.

Ideally, our film company would grow to where it could actually produce threatre grade movies and that would be fun.

Imagine if the following events in history were made into entertainment movies.

1. US vs Crunshiak. The court case and the Collafax massacres.
2. US vs Miller Story on Jack Miller and that he was dead during the court.
3. Wicker vs Filburn Story on a farmer and the commerce clause
4. Barron vs Maryland How the Bill of Rights was killed.
5. The Slaughterhouse cases How the 14th amendment was killed.

I have noticed very few movies made about the American Revolution, I wonder why. Perhaps movies could be made about key battles.

Big thing in the Revolutionary War movies is that since we write the scripit, we can show the militia clobbering the Redcoats.

I wonder if the film would play well in England:rolleyes:

Any thoughts guys.


04-12-2009, 12:43 AM
period films are more difficult to make. costuming costs are crazy. locations are hard to find. too many airplanes flying overhead to be able to shoot a scene correctly. if you do it on a sound stage, the build to make the scene look real is lengthy. Should you want to shoot it on a green screen, CG costs are high. if you want realism, it costs money. Cheap corporate video cost $1000 per finished minute without talent costs.

writing is the most important aspect of any production. too many people think that writing scripts that involve dialogue is easy to do. it isn't... just because you can write doesn't mean you can write lines..., no disrespect to writers.

04-12-2009, 1:07 AM
Starting smaller didn't get far on the first attempt....


I still think the concept is good, but we may not have the time, talent and funding all in one place yet.