View Full Version : help with ar lower

04-11-2009, 10:39 PM
im going to start my ar lower. my lower is stripped. i was planning to get the lower receiver part kit . i had to questions.
1. can i use any park kit for my lower(henderson defense industries)
2. what are the diff. of the Lower Receiver Parts Kit / Two Stage Trigger and the Lower Receiver Parts Kit / Standard Trigger
plz help. i want to get started. im new at this

Blacktail 8541
04-12-2009, 8:18 AM
You can use any standard lower parts kit. The only one you can not use is the one with colt large pins,
When you find a LPK, don't worry which trigger is in it. They can be a little hard to find at the moment.

The difference between a 2 staqge trigger and a standard trigger in simple terms is,
A two stage trigger has a long take up to sear engagement where there is a noticeable stop, then a light release that is useally very smooth, crisp and short.
A single stage trigger has almost no take up and a heavier trigger release.
On a stock AR trigger it is useally fairly heavy and gritty.
This is only a short basic description. There are a lot of single stage triggers that are very good.

Hope this helps.