View Full Version : new r 700 sps varmint

04-11-2009, 6:12 PM
What is the longest range I should expect to shoot from this rifle as is.

04-11-2009, 6:17 PM
That depends on the shooter. What caliber is it? Bullets can go a looong way

04-11-2009, 6:20 PM
its the 308

04-11-2009, 6:45 PM
its the 308

with a 20 MOA base and a good scope and handloads using 175gr SMK's.. 1K yds.......but 'as is' with a good scope and good ammo.. 300-400yds any more distance than that and you'll ,more than likely,run out of scope adjustments...

Jonathan Doe
04-12-2009, 7:33 AM
How accurately can you shoot a rifle? The 308 bullets can travel about 2 miles maximum range. As long as you can understand ballistics of your round and can read the wind, you can shoot a very long range.