View Full Version : Trade completed!! 440 rds .223 & 30 rd mag rebuild kit for un-used AR OLL

04-10-2009, 11:50 PM

Hi guys. I am looking to get another OLL but am short of funds. What I do have is .223 and a mag rebuild kit. Here is the proposed trade.

200 rounds of Green/white box Remington UMC 55 gr. FMJ - brass cased re-loadable current production- purchased post Obama

100 rounds of Golden Bear 62 gr JHP - brass coated steel case NOT re-loadable Current production- purchased post Obama

100 Rounds of Yellow box UMC 55 gr FMJ Brass cased reloadable. It looks like the shoulder of these cases have been annealed. Brass looks a little dull Im going to see If I can brighten it up with a 3M pad in the morning.

40 rounds of .223/.556 reloads of unknown origin. Headstamp reads WCC 94. I got this ammo from the same guy I got the Yellow boxed UMC stuff from. Brass shows some tarnish like the UMC. Primers have red lacquer seal. I have no idea what pressures these were loaded to. I don't reload (yet) and know nothing of the process. That being said I would think about using these for reloading components but it's your call.

The Yellow boxed UMC and the reloads have been stored since around 2000 in a .50 cal ammo can with a big pack of military grade desiccant.

1 -30 round USGI aluminum mag rebuild kit. Mag body is the gray dry-film finish. has some scratches from packing/handling. Green Follower. Mag plate marked .223 cal/556 mm NHMGT S/42 Hartford CT. Mag body marked 33710 12-08

Would like an un-used stripped lower. KD, Stag, Double Star, RRA, MEGA, Spikes LMT,ETC. No Vulcan/Hesse.

FTF only in Sacramento / Stockton area. I have never done a private transfer of an OLL so I will need to find an FFL in the area willing to do it. If you know of one or have a preference I would be glad to use them, I hear good things about Bob Snelling but have never used him.

Any takers?

04-12-2009, 1:03 AM
PM sent