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04-09-2009, 6:02 PM
I have heard this scenario discussed and wonder if my concern has merit. If asked and answered before, my apology and I will continue to search the forums. Here is a possible situation.

I buy a brand of lower receiver (the "firearm") for an AR, which is not on any government banned list. The receiver sits around for 12 months or more because I can't get parts for it to make it into a fully operational rifle. While the receiver sits, a new law is passed that bans my future rifle either by characteristics or name. Existing rifles are grandfathered in (I hope no confiscation!), but also says no assault weapon may be assembled or created after the law goes into effect (I believe Cinton AW ban did this). If due to missing parts, my rifle is not assembled when the law goes into effect, it would appear I can never put it together without breaking the law.

This is worrisome since it may be a year or more before I can find all the parts to finish my AR-10 project. I don't want to be stuck with parts that can not be made into a rifle.

Is my concern justified or do I have something wrong here? If my situation is possible, I would expect an even bigger run on parts since we would all be in a rush to "beat" the deadline. Not sure how the government would ever know if you assembled a gun on a date before or after a deadline.

I also wonder if I have a AW on order, being built, and the order is placed before an AW goes into effect, but delivery is after the law takes hold, can I get the weapon or not?

- Phil

04-09-2009, 6:06 PM
How would anyone know when you actually assembled it? For all anyone needs to know you assembled it the day you brought the lower home.....cuz that's what you did right? RIGHT?

Would assembly preclude one from disassembling an existing rifle for repairs and putting it back together?