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04-09-2009, 5:14 AM
This 9mm die set comes with the following: sizer die, expander die, seater die and taper crimp die, shell holder and reloading die instructions. Please see photo.

All parts are in excellent condition and have no rust. The resizing die was leaving some scratches on the brass case and I thought it was damaged, like maybe I somehow got some sand or dirt in the die. I called RCBS and they said it was probably brass in die and that I could polish it out. I used a little 3M compound and polsihed the scraches inside the die right out.

Price is $55. and that includes shipping plus insurance to California. Iím located in Charleston, SC. Easiest way to pay is with paypal.

If you buy this item and you do not think it is as I have represented you can return it to me and I will refund your money.


The reason I'm selling is I just got my new set of Dillon 9mm dies which work better on my 650 XL.

As far as price goes if anyone's interested make reasonalbe offer. I really don't need these.

04-16-2009, 2:55 PM

04-23-2009, 4:45 AM

I've edited to state if anyone's interested make reasonable offer.

04-23-2009, 5:40 AM
pm sent