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04-09-2009, 12:27 AM
Hi, everyone,

I've been lurking for a while since I moved here, but finally registered to get in on some ammo posted for sale. I was born and raised in VA, then moved out here by way of FL and TX :). Why would I move here from 3 very gun-friendly states you ask? Well, I'm trying to further my career in the 3D/VFX industry, and Los Angeles is pretty much the center of it all. BTW, I'm still on the hunt for a job, so if anyone is or knows someone in the biz, I'd really appreciate any leads or contacts.

Anyways, I'm here to add to the ranks and do what I can to help promote responsible firearms ownership. I'm already in the process of helping my cousin find his first handgun!

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04-09-2009, 3:25 PM
Welcome to Calguns.

04-09-2009, 3:49 PM
Welcome ......:thumbsup:

04-09-2009, 6:49 PM
Welcome Aboard, Matey!:)

04-09-2009, 7:04 PM
Welcome; we're still working on getting the gift basket approved by the DOJ.

04-14-2009, 4:57 PM
Glad to have you here, it's a great testament to the value of CG when you're here but you're not living in CA.


04-14-2009, 6:18 PM
Thanks, guys! I'm about to purchase my first firearm in CA; I just have to get my driver's license and make sense of the laws and transfer fees here. BTW, about how long does it take to get your permanent DL?

Turbinator, I actually moved here at the end of January, but I've been lurking here for years now.

04-14-2009, 7:14 PM
Welcome. I will be making that journey in reverse soon (Cali to WV) hopefully. What part of Virginia?

04-14-2009, 8:43 PM
I have been looking through this forum for a while and decided to join. It's great to see the many views of Californians regarding our rights. I am a retied Marine who wishes still be out there. Thank all of you for this forum. Semper Fi!

04-14-2009, 9:40 PM
Lived in Virginia Beach, right next to Norfolk for you military guys.

04-14-2009, 10:00 PM
Oops. Being new, I kinda posted in the wrong place. West coast Marine. Sorry about that.