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04-07-2009, 8:47 PM
VCDL is the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a grassroots organization which has been leading the fight for Self Defense Rights in VA and also assisting on some national issues. The NRA is headquartered in VA and being so close to Washington DC it is great to have VCDL so active on certain issues. VA is also an Open Carry Right to Carry state (no permission slip needed) and a "shall issue" CCW state.

Consider subscribing to VA-Alerts on their website and help out where and when you can!

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EM Dave Yates, who is working the National Parks situation for VCDL, has put together the following two alert items:

1. VCDL is seeking volunteers to help coordinate efforts to once and for all restore the right to self defense in National Parks & Wildlife Refuges.

On January 9th, 2009, the VCDL led petition to amend the Parks weapons regulation was partially realized. However, on March 19th an activist judge issued an injunction against that rule because a holstered and concealed handgun somehow might affect the environment. While the NRA-ILA appeals this decision to stay the new regulation in court VCDL is asking for volunteers to help coordinate agency & congressional contacts, collect news articles, reports, data, etc. If you can help, contact Executive Member Dave Yates - nps@bighammer.net


While the NRA-ILA appeals the new regulation "stay", the court has given DOI until 4/20/09 to answer the Court. This means either conducting the environmental analysis that the Court wants, or a host of other options. VCDL believes that the best course of action is for DOI to conduct the environmental impact analysis and implement the January 9, 2009 regulation. We need ALL of you to contact your US Representatives and Senators. Tell them:

You want their office to contact DOI on your behalf and urge DOI to conduct the environmental analysis necessary to implement the January 9th, 2009 regulation permitting loaded weapons in National Parks & Wildlife Refuges.

Also, tell your Congressman or Senator's legislative assistant to support HR 1684 & SB 816 which codify the new regulations.

You can contact your Representative & Senator by web mail form, email, fax or, phone.

Virginia Representatives can be found and contacted here:


The House of Representatives website is:


The House switchboard is (202) 224-3121.

The Senate website is:


Virginians can contact our Senators by calling, faxing or emailing.

Jim Webb: (202) 224-4024 - http://webb.senate.gov
Mark Warner: (202) 224-2023 - http://warner.senate.gov

Make sure you speak to a legislative aide. If none are available, tell them you want them to call you back. Be polite, brief but give enough detail so they can have a good understanding of the situation and your position. Do NOT accept 'the representative/senator is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment'! Make sure they understand you want them to urge DOI to implement the January 9th weapons regulation AND to support and vote for HR 1684 & SB816 which codify the new regulations.

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