View Full Version : Prof Volokh on "The RKBA in Self-Defense and Bans on Carrying Guns Outside the Home"

04-07-2009, 7:46 PM

Prof. Volokh is penning a very long and exhaustive scholarly article on self-defense carry Rights. Please read his work and make a comment if you choose (and are up to the task). This is just a draft work and not yet to be quoted.

I continue blogging excerpts from my Implementing the Right To Keep and Bear Arms for Self-Defense: An Analytical Framework and a Research Agenda (http://www.law.ucla.edu/volokh/2am.pdf), which is forthcoming in a few months from the UCLA Law Review. The article is quite long, so I thought I’d just blog some excerpts; if you’re interested in the broader framework the article discusses (a framework that separates the inquiry into the scope of the right based on its text, original meaning, and history, the burden that the restriction imposes on the right, the reducing-danger arguments for the restriction, and the government’s proprietary role [if that’s present]), please follow the link. Also, please remember: Not all unwise laws are unconstitutional laws, even where constitutional rights are potentially involved.

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