View Full Version : Grendel 6.5 & IOR Optics

Steve Bowman
04-06-2009, 7:57 PM
Hello Scott,
We spoke last week on the phone about IOR optics.
I asked if consideration had been given to doing a FFP version of the 2x12 and you mentioned that IOR is updating control knobs next.
My favorite AR is a 20" Sabre Defense Grendel 6.5, I see this round as being extremely versatile as a super DMS style rifle: zero to 1000 yards.
I am trying to keep weight on this gun down and have also looked at the 2.5x10x42 FFP, but the 2x12 w/35mm tube if it had FFP would be the best combination for the money on the planet as far as I can see.
I Currently have shot this gun with an Eotec, Millett 1x4 DMS and a Leopold Mk 4 4.5X14x40, all work well but an IOR 2X12 w/FFP would do it all in one scope.
The 1.1x8 is also nice but the M8 on the 2X12 sight picture with FFP for quick hold overs at any distance would be wonderful.
That's my 2 cents worth, I realize that its up to IOR but after spending months researching optics I think IOR could own this thing with a couple of changes to the 2x12.It would maximize the range of the 6.5 Grendel round and make what I believe would be the most versatile SemiAuto around when considering weight, accuracy, range and firepower.