View Full Version : SPF/Colt 22 ACE conversion kit

04-06-2009, 1:21 PM
All original,with all parts including new spare 22LR mag,box,original
instruction sheet,original vapor paper, this will work on ANY 70 series or
older Colt 45 or 38 Super---will NOT work on Series 80 pistols,also I do not know if it works on NON Colt pistols. Note:
the ORIGINAL mag has its toe broken off---does not affect function of the
mag. Price is $395 (includes shipping)---THIS CAN BE MAILED
DIRECTLY---NO FFL REQUIRED. Price is firm/no trades. Pete

Notes added---I do not know how many rounds have been fired,I have not shot it but units I have had in the past functioned fine--up
thru 300-400 rds then you need to clean, these are NOT target grade guns-- if you want 1" groups @25 yds,you need something else.
These were meant as trainers to simulate the feel and fire controls of the Govt 45 and they do this very well.


04-06-2009, 1:36 PM
PM sent.