View Full Version : semi new ppo (private security) in long beach / orange county area.

04-05-2009, 5:11 AM
This has been an off and on business for me. I have been employed by other companys but now Im looking to go full time to get my company off the ground. Last account I landed pulled in 420k (Gross) a year.

I am looking for new acounts in the orange county area. If anybody is in a position to contract security service please let me know. I can offer comission / finders fee. Also looking for a sales officer who can distribute service quotes via door to door, or fax. I can only pay comission only right now until I pick up some more accounts. Then would be able to offer a full time position based on the new accouts.

My last site director was making 75K a year. I started this business to help out clients and employees. Ive seen too many good people / clients abused by shady security companys. Please visit www.citypatrol.com or email me at info@citypatrol.com I would like to work with people who know the security business and have put in work in the field. I have 10 years in this field.