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04-04-2009, 4:56 PM
I am making a post here because I want all of you to be aware that there is action on trying to get shall issue ccw permits here in Ca.

Moderators, please understand that not all women go into the politics section and this is a issue that many women do care about, but because they may not visit the politics section, may be unaware of what is going on.

How many of you know people or had to get restraining orders to protect yourselves?

How many of you know someone who was sexually assaulted?

How many of you won't go out at night by yourselves because you are concerned for your personal safety?

Should you let fear control your life?

Women have a stronger need for CCW permits than men.
We won't get CCW in this state unless those who want CCW get involved.

AB 357 Knight bill which would make California shall issue for CCW permits has been rescheduled for the morning of Apr 21, 2009 in Sacramento.

Many states did not get shall issue until the women got involved.

I have been working with Assemblyman Steve Knight's office, we here on Calguns are going to have a major influence in the strategy to get this bill heard.

The chance of this bill passing are slim, but it will move things in the right direction significantly.

Assemblyman Knight is going for equal protection rather than gun rights to move this bill, we need to show our support.

What I am looking for what I call a key witness, that is someone to speak for women on the issues of defense from domestic violence, rape, and stalkers.

It is not important that you have a book of facts, all you have to be is be able to articulate a few key points because you will only have 2 minutes to speak anyway.

Of course I am also hoping that we can fill the legislature chamber with supporters so that we can send a message.

The people down in Orange county have set a great example by holding their sheriff to the fire, I propose we do the same in Sacramento and raise the bar.

Getting a CCW permit should be no more trouble than getting say a driver's license.

I will have more details by tues or weds of this week. I look forward to working with all of you.

A strong showing by us will significantly move the battle for ccw permits in our direction.

Thank you

04-08-2009, 4:32 PM
Looking forward to more details Nicki! Ive been emailing alot of female friends in Sacto as well to make an appearence that day at the Capitol! Hopefully good turn out if we can get the ball rolling!

04-12-2009, 7:48 PM
nicki you hit a lot of things on the head that I know that is why this bill needs to be passed. I know we talked about the family aspect. I know that the chances of my getting a CCW as things stand in this county is NIL. Lets see I am female, NOT rich, oh and disabled. I am also a rape survivor. Although I was stupid and never reported it...I was a teen when it happened. Even if I could get up to Sac for the hearing I am afraid that I would FREEZE getting up to speak. Which wouldn't do our side a bit of good. I do agree we definitely want to put a female face to this bill.