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04-04-2009, 11:07 AM
With the mass shootings, the instinct of many of us and the leaders in the gun rights movement is to "defend gun rights". We must also go on a counter offensive.

Mass shootings are something that CCW is very good at stopping BTW. The police in New York waited 60 to 90 minutes before confronting the shooter by the way.

The PA event was a domestic dispute.

Our position, the shootings are a reaction because of failed government policies that have destroyed our country and robbed Ameircans of their hopes, their dreams and their wealth.

The shootings as bad as they are, are not the problem. They are a symptom of bigger problems caused by significant government screw ups that are now coming to a head.

We don't need to be on a blame game, what we need to do is acknowledge the screw ups, make commitment to change direction and make the necessary changes needed to turn our country around.

Bigger government is not the answer, it is the cause of our problems.

By the way, the cause of the problems is not the government, it is the American people who failed to keep a eye on government and vote only for candidates who would do the right things.

Rather than hold our heads low, hide in the shadows, we need to be on offense.

Now, we attack government screwups on the following, this is not a complete list, you guys are free to add, it is the principle.

Failed monetary and banking policies: Most people don't know how the Fed operates, when it is explained to them, they get really pissed, but more important, they see the light of why we have problems and that Obama's policies will not fix the problems.

Our foreign policy: We spend close to 1 trillion dollars defending other countries annually according to Dr NO(Ron Paul). That is money that is taken out of our economy and if it was here, would provide captal investment.

Our failed immigration laws: I don't have a issue with people coming here if they follow our laws, immigration is a privilege, not a right.

Stupid Tax policies and laws that encourged speculation in real estate. It not only inflated the pricing of housing, but diverted capital from job producing activities.

Failed Energy policies which contribute to at least half of our trade deficit.

Failed leadership on not just health care, but personal responsiblity for people taking care of their own health. Health care costs are rising because too many Americans are letting their health fall apart.

Overall Europeans take better care of their personal health, that is the reason why their health care system seems to run, if they had our population, the socialized health care would crash.

All these problems will have our opponents calling for more government power who will make the false promise that the government will keep people safe.

We are not alone, there are other people, other groups that don't want to see government grow. We need to reach out to those groups and start to get things rolling.


04-04-2009, 11:09 AM
Agreed, good work