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04-04-2009, 10:13 AM
Here is a batch of 10 now 5 rebuild mag kits, all mags are marked restricted LEO/Military and dated btwn 2002-2004...all mags were used and show wear marks...followers still slide nicely and feedlips look good. I'd like to sell them as a lot of 10 or possibly in 2 lots of 5

10 mags....$105 shipped
5 mags....$55 shipped SPF
5 mags....$55 shipped SPF

Good opportunity to make yourself some inexpensive 10/30 mags

Perfer a MO but discreet paypal is fine...

The Fine Print
The magazine kits sold in California are intended to repair a damaged pre-ban high capacity magazine that was previously in your possession prior to the California ban being enacted. They are not intended to assemble a new high capacity magazine in violation of California law.

The purchase of the re-build kit is acknowledgment that the buyer is aware of the law and intends to use the re-build kit to repair an existing damaged magazine or create a permanently fixed 10 round magazine.

The buyer assumes all responsibility in the purchase of these rebuild kits.



04-05-2009, 4:55 PM
One bump to the top

5 mag rebuild kits left...$55 shipped