View Full Version : 7mm Nolser plain base FN bullets FS

04-03-2009, 7:52 PM
I purchased way too many 7mm 120 Nosler flat base flat nose cannelured bullets made for 7mm watters leverguns.

They are bagged as seconds, 100 per, but were over-runs sold when Nolser did phone orders for seconds ( mid 90's I believe). Asking $20/ bag of 100 plus 5$ USPS shipping per 8 bags. I may be able to get more in a flat rate box for the $5.

These shoot good in both my 7tcu and 7 international rimmed super 14 barrel, but at the rate I am shooting them.....
I suspect with the flat nose they would be good brush busters and open very well . I believe I have 10 bags I could part with easily.