View Full Version : Ammo and Weaver 1" Scope Rings F/S

04-01-2009, 5:07 PM
I have 24 boxes of CCI Mini-Mags I am looking to get rid of. I bought them because I thought I was going to get into more match type shooting with my .22 AR and my Walther. Instead I have found myself just plinking and or destroying cans and plastic bottles.



I orginially bought them for $7.99 plus tax since at the time I could not find them at Wally World. I was thinking I would start them off at $8 a box for now and then take it form there.

Also not sure if this is even right or what not, I bought some Wolf Military Classic 55 Grain from a friend and I already had 500+ so looking to sell some of it off. It does not come in boxes as I took them out and out them in my ammo box. All I remember is that they were Lot 71 marked on the box, and rather then taking up a bunch of room in boxes I took them out.



These are Berdan Primed Bi-Metal Non-Corrosive rounds which are not reloadable or so they say. It takes some work in order to convert the pockets, but most people lilke myself just leave them behind at the range. I have 350 extra hand counted rounds I would like to sell off.

50 for $18.00
100 for $35

Last but not least I have a pair of Weaver 1" High Scope Mounts. I bought the wrong ones thinking I had a 30mm scope. Well it will not fit around a rubber coated scope at least, doh!



Looking to get $25 for them, shipping is extra.

Not willing to ship ammo, I am in Hayward Area and also stay in Santa Clara as well. I will be in Santa Clara this Saturday, possibly Sunday and also I will be there Monday.

Not in a rush to get rid of the ammo, thanks for looking.