View Full Version : WTS-AGP ARMS XD .45ACP REBUILD KITS*60.00*

04-01-2009, 3:06 PM
I have some 4 AGP arms magazine extension/rebuild kits for the XD .45 acp magazine.

!!!!Not attached to any magazines!!!!

comes with base and locking plates only for 55.00 OR with base, locking plates and 20% extra power springs for 75.00 !!!!


This kit include a new +20% extra power spring and a hardened steel locking plate. It holds an extra 3 rounds as requested by Brad S. on NABR. These are the only extensions for the XD45 that have locking plates to keep them from popping off your mags. The springs are very high quality and are custom made to fit exactly like OE in the XD45acp mag body. This is a +3 extension.

Parts Included:

Glass Filled Nylon Magazine Extension
Hardened Steel Locking Plate
+20% Extra Power Spring
Installation Instructions

04-01-2009, 4:30 PM
Please understand I am not Thread Cra*ing, but the way California Law currently stands, anyone who installs one of these kits to make their post 2000 XD45 magazine (which they all are) hold more than 10 rounds will be manufacturing a high capacity magazine, which is a no-no.