View Full Version : Romy G kit to be built at my house on a flat! East bay

03-30-2009, 3:50 PM
I have a romy G kit that is numbers matching. I am selling/offering it to someone who wants to come to my house and build it on a flat. I will supply the flat aswell. No experience is needed, I will coach you and guide you on building it. you will be building it and I will be helping and lending my experience and all my tooling. This will probably take one long day or preferably 2 mid days. I can supply some US parts for a little extra cash, but i recomend you buy a tapco trigger group/fire control group and a trigger guard retaining plate from ak-builder.com

I am offering this kit and this service for $650. I could also help you build it into a pistol for an extra $125. A few of the US parts I have are the stock, hand guards, pistol grip, and I think I have a muzzle break, but we PM me and we'll talk about the price to include those. I can also build you a magazine lock for a few extra bucks aswell.

I am in the east bay area, and I only have 1 more kit left and will not be offering this ever again.

Will also accept partial trades for 7.62x39/9mm/.45 ammo, AK accessories, red dots, mosin nagant, scopes etc etc

03-31-2009, 3:07 PM
BUMP! no trades? This your chance to have someone teach you first hand how to build an AK!