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03-29-2009, 9:10 PM
I have started other threads on this issue, but it didn't go too far as at least one other said something to the effect that "if you don't like it, go somewhere else", which is the wrong response for this forum (IMO of course)

That said, being in the trucking industry has it's dangerous elements that drivers deal with. Some will say that trucking is more dangerous than Law Enforcement. Whether that comes out in any studies or not is for another forum.

So far, I have seen no "federal ban" on truckers carrying firearms where it's legal while on the job, as long as it is not in a "prohibited location".

I learned a quite a bit from the thread I started with regard to the CHP blowing me off when that motorist tried to stop me. I definitely appreciate all of the replies, which were mainly supportive of the issues facing drivers in the trucking industry.

This all being said, I am getting more and more agitated about trucker safety, and what should be done about it (be it the hijackings, robberies, AWDs in truckstops, nighttime breakdowns in rural or urban areas, etc.), and to be quite frank & blunt, NOTHING, NOT A DAMN THING is being done on the Govt level, and yet, we are supposed to depend on the Govt to help when something goes terribly wrong.

This is why I have asked Owner Operators Independant Drivers Association (www.ooida.com) & the NRA-ILA to work together so drivers can CCW/LOC while on the job.

Currently, the company I work for, and most (just about every) reputable trucking carriers have "NGA" policies, so the drivers' hands are pretty much tied. It's quite unlikely that those companies would see it the way I (as well as those of us here at CGN) do when it comes to CCWs.

This is why it's necessary to make it a priority post Nordyke & Heller in addition to CA SICCW for trucking companies to be required to allow its drivers to carry on the job, and for Congress to allow truckers to carry wherever they are traveling to.

Yes, I know that the current admin, as well as the current Congress won't allow it and all that, but I consider this as important as SICCW here in CA.

Right now, my main reasonings are these points:

LEOs are almost never available because of other details they are working.
They are almost never available to stop a hijacking.
If we call from a rural stretch of Interstate, it's difficult, and sometimes impossible to get an accurate location.
Incidents involving hijackings of trucks are leading to injuries & killings. Hijackers no longer want "just the cargo".
Hijackers & others who plan to disrupt trucking operations plan their crimes knowing that truckers are likely to be unarmed & unaware of their own locations.
We all know very well that criminals don't want their victims to be armed. The same applies to trucking.
They not only know truckers are unarmed, but they also know that 911 is ineffective and useless in many cases on the road.
Truckers hauling Hazmat are now put through an extensive background check with fingerprints to get their endorsements, so why not give them CCW/LOC credentials? Oh no, NO WAY NO WAY would say a career politician.

Any OTR or local/line truckers here agree? Can we get the pro-2a organizations to work with the pro trucker groups (like OOIDA)?

Here's a quick lesson on trucking industry interest groups... The American Trucking Association is the interest group for the "trucking companies". They DO NOT represent the interests of individual truckers, and they would be very much ANTI-2A for drivers.

OOIDA is in favor.

Again (with all due respect), please, there is no room here for the snide "don't like it, go somewhere else" comments. And thanks for letting me come here and vent.

If I'm violating any advertising rules here, please advise me, and I'll delete accordingly.


03-29-2009, 9:21 PM
I remember Diane Fienstien and others calling for background checks for hazmat drivers and I was thinking that most terrorists could just hyjack or steal a truck.

03-29-2009, 9:27 PM
Definitely a good idea, Window Seat. I know some people who do trucking insurance who are pro CCW inclined who I can talk to about the matter.

03-29-2009, 9:33 PM
That sucks, I support you guys getting to carry. Since you can't how bout a taser? Plus don't you guys all have those hickory "tire" thumpers? (Are they actually used for tire checking, or just a weapon?) Although I would prefer to also have a taser or pepper spray (a semi ranged weapon) and a decent fixed blade knife with a 6+ inch blade.