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03-29-2009, 3:51 AM
I have one 1200 round case of 62 grain 5.56 SS109 ammo for sale. ammo comes factory packed in a wooden crate holding two 50 cal ammo cans. each ammo can is packed with six bandoliers, each bandolier packed with 100 rounds on stripper clips and one loader.

this is Canadian C77 ammo which is the canadian designation for their SS109 ammo and is manufactured to the same NATO specs as the US SS109 ammo loaded by Federal. all brass bares the NATO cross and is reloadable. the bullets are the same SS109 bullets with steel core that the US uses but the tips are not painted green. since Canada only uses SS109 ammo they have no need to paint the tips green to seperate them from the 55 grain M193 ammo.

this is by far the best 5.56 SS109 ammo i have ever come by and is very accurate. the brass is beautiful and the stripper clips/loaders are the best i have ever used. i hate USGI stripper clips and loaders so i never use them but these work awsome. the stripper clips are flexable plastic and have no metal tabs to break off so they can be used over and over again. the loader is a small square tower that fits over the top of the mag and hold one ten round stripper clip, push from the top and all ten rounds feed in with very little effort. these are the only stripper clips and loader i will use.

this ammo was manufactured in 1985 and is of top quality, not an over run or seconds like the Federal XM or XMPD ammo. if you are looking for top of the line SHTF ammo that is packed ready to go this is it. i bought two cases and i am keeping one for myself so i only have one case to sell.

price is 1,000 delivered or can be picked up in the Santa Clara/San Jose area. that comes to 0.83 cents a round delivered including two ammo cans, 120 stripper clips and twelve loaders. first to post i will take it gets it. best way to contact me is by e-mail at jan955@comcast.net. i dont have pictures at this time but i will get a friend to take some for me as soon as i can for those who want them. thanks!

ammo is SPF!

03-30-2009, 11:14 AM
AMMO is SPF! thanks.