View Full Version : Skorpion reciever, rifle or pistol?

03-28-2009, 9:15 PM
Would it be considered a rifle or a pistol reciever?

I was thinking that it might be pretty cool if I didn't install the stock and it was just a pistol.

But since we don't have NERF's yet, it would be much easier to get the reciever if it's a rifle or long gun, because it's not on the roster and it would need a fixed magazine to avoid making an "assault weapon" pistol.

So, if it's a rifle or long gun reciever, is there anything stopping me from building it as a pistol (fixed 10 round magazine)?

I'm pretty sure there is but I've never seen this specific issue addressed.


03-28-2009, 9:51 PM
Once it is DROSed as a rifle any pistol build will almost certainly make the weapon an SBR. If it is DROSed as a receiver only it is considered a longarm and has the same limitation to OAL etc. which would make it impossible to legally build as a pistol.

This is the best of my understanding. I'm sure more practiced will chime in.

2 ways to do it, AFAIK, are to have it built out of state and then shipped to your FFL as a prebuilt single shot pistol (sled magazine, BB'ed on) or have the receiver shipped to a "friendly" FFL and you assemble it in-shop before DROSing it.