View Full Version : SPF: San Diego - .30-06 ammo - SOLD PENDING FUNDS

03-27-2009, 1:13 PM
Recently laid off, must sell to feed my wife and kid.

SOLD PENDING FUNDS - .30-06, 240 rounds, Greek HXP 68 Lot 113, 20 rounds per carton. 12 cartons. Most of the cartons are sealed. Those that are open, the rounds look great. The cartons have no rust or other signs of water damage or corrosion. No spam can.

If you want me to ship, that will be extra, send me your ZIP for a shipping quote. First PM with an "I'll take it" takes it. Buy the Greek, Buy the LC, or buy both. I won't split this up any further than that.


03-27-2009, 1:19 PM
I'll take the Greek HXP.

Shipping to 94551

03-31-2009, 11:56 AM
Payment sent