View Full Version : Polish AK 74 magazine parts kits

03-27-2009, 7:21 AM
Okay, I have to sell some of my AK 74 magazines. At one point, I had about 60 of them and chose the best 12 to keep. Well I need to sell 6 of them. These are used but but they are the nicest used Tantal mags you will ever see. I want $42 each for them. Shipping for all 6 is $15. These are some of them that I had before. I will post pics of the ones in my collection later today.

Still available at that price. I am thinking on whether I want to take krazz's offer or not.

Edit* I took Krazz's offer for the 6 but I decided to sell the other 6 as well. Same price, same quality etc..

03-27-2009, 9:34 AM
PM sent