View Full Version : Assemblywoman Harkey supports AB357 & AB 1167

03-26-2009, 6:56 PM
Hi All,

Newby and first post here. VERY happy I found this site, I'm glad to see so many other gun lovers in CA. Been a gun owner for many years, but not very active. That is about to change (thanks Mr. O).

I just got through meeting with my State Legislator; Assembywoman Harkey (73rd District).

We discussed a range of issues during her open house in Oceanside, including AB357 (removing the "Good Cause" requirement from the CCW law), and AB1187 (CCW reciprocity with other States). She fully supports both. YEAH!!! She doubts they will pass, but we have her support.

Anyone else contacted their State Representitives?

Gary G

03-26-2009, 7:35 PM
Welcome, glad to have more active members who stay politically active. Yes, many here are, and have been in contact with their state reps on this, and many other issues.