View Full Version : .45 COLT RELOADING

Doc Holliday, Trader
03-26-2009, 12:38 PM
Howdy Gents,

A reloading friend of mine and I were discussing how I was having great success making and shooting gallery loads with .45 Colt brass and .451 Speer balls plus 24 gr. (by volume) of Hodgdon 777 powder.

He said I could also do the same thing with smokeless powder I have some Winchester Ball Powder Smokeless Propellant 231 using 3 grains (by weight) and even being able to seat the ball all the way down in on top of the powder like I do with 777.

Has anyone of you gents done this smokeless kind of load with any success? Is it OK to seat the ball right on the smokeless powder as my friend sez, or does anyone have any other info I could use?

Much obliged for any responses, both on the Forum and directly by email.

John Henry (Doc) Holliday