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03-25-2009, 7:42 PM
Gently-used Knight's Armament Company (KAC) carbine-length rail system.

******* SOLD ********

As issued to U.S. troops on the M4 and M4A1 carbines, as the Rail Adapter System (RAS) II. Installs in seconds on any carbine-length AR, without tools. Has a date on the underside of the system of 5/11/07.

Sold among other places at http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/KAC-M4-RAS-p/kac%20m4%20ras%20carbine.htm

Includes four like-new Knight's OEM full-length rail covers. Also includes a aluminum rail adapter which mounts to the front sight base.

$160.00 shipped. Discreet paypal is OK. No up-charge. Will ship UPS w/ tracking number. Please subtract $20.00 if you don't want the four rail covers.

First 'I'll take it' post has dibs. Will expect payment to be sent within 24 hours. Please PM with any questions or requests for more pics.


(pics deleted) ******** SOLD ********

03-26-2009, 8:08 PM

This is a mil-spec handguard, as issued to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, in excellent condition at half the price of new, with the extra bonus of the FSB rail adapter and the Knight's Armament rail covers.

03-28-2009, 8:13 AM
****** SOLD *******