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03-24-2009, 8:05 PM
I am a Licensed Private Investigator # 22347 out of Sacramento looking for work and contacts. times are slowing for me.
I have been licensed since 2001 and have been in the field since 1994 as a staff investigator. Most of my experience has been in surveillance and undercover work. I have done Workers Compensation surveillance for Cerbures Investigations from 1997-1999. Most of my business running my license has also been in Fraud and Domestic surveillance.
I am licensed to carry concealed endorsed out of Sacramento and 33 other states. When my permit comes from Florida that will increase to 42.
I also have exposed, guard, baton, oc/os, PC 832 permits that are current and active out of California.
I also have experience in E.P. working on teams for Mark Huges (Herbalife), George Takai (Star Trek) Miss America (1998). I have worked close proximaty for Ken Reeves (State Senate Research Office Sacramento), Joyce Nugent (Willie Brown staff member). I have also worked Private Security for CEO's of ITT Harford Insurance, Bax Freight, CalMat asphalt. I have worked Employee Termination, Work Place violence as well. My E.P. training was at ASI in Sacramento from Joe Williams in 1996. I have worked both plaincloths and uniform security in those years. After 911 I worked for 6 months at Sacramento International Airport perimeter Security until proper Security was established. If anybody can help with employment or contacts it would me much appreciated. Or if anybody with a good business mind that needs a Quailified Manager I have the License, like Fugitive Recovery or ? Pimp my License, buy me a cup of coffee and lets talk.
Rob (Sacramento)
Specialized Investigations #22347
916-247-0142 - ndrcovr@yahoo.com

03-31-2009, 9:29 PM
The Feds are hiring investigators right now, try usajobs.com
I have been through a few classes on how the get fed jobs if you need help.

03-31-2009, 10:02 PM
I have Level III reserve, Baton, Chemical, Firearm, guard. I have a Maine CCW as well. I need work also doing anything really, just something to get ammo money.

So I am on the boat with you, check this out however:


04-03-2009, 9:02 PM
Got any contacts? I am a QM with the license. Same boat? I havent been on one of those for 30 years since the NAV.