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03-24-2009, 12:17 PM

It's the A4 detachable carry handle service rifle configuration. The handguard is a standard A2 handguard over a free float tube. Mine's got less than 300 rounds through it. It's worth noting that there is a little damage to the bore about 5" from the muzzle, possibly from being fired with some sort of obstruction. This does not affect accuracy though, the upper still shoots very very accurately. This is generally considered the most accurate .22 upper on the market, and will shoot as well as the best .22 target rifles such as Anschutz. I also buggered it up a bit with a Moly Resin finish that wasn't very well done. The barrel is stainless but it's been coated black. Underneath the handguard is a bull barrel profile so this is a very heavy benchrest upper.

It uses a M261 conversion with a dedicated barrel. Has 10 round mag inserts that fit into regular 20 or 30 round AR mags.

Retails for $1096.80 with one mag insert.

This comes with five mag inserts (no AR mags though) for $950 OBO (don't be afraid to make an offer!)

Price drop to $900

Will consider trades/partial trades for:

50 Beowulf or 458 Socom upper with reloading dies and components
Glock 17
7.62x39 ammo
Dan Wesson Razorback 10mm
Large pistol primers

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Bump, price drop to $900

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