View Full Version : 1400 Pieces of 38special Cases (SOLD)

03-21-2009, 4:17 PM
I have a total of over 1400 38 special cases for sale. There are 785 pieces of nickel cases consisting of mostly Winchester and RP (Remingtion). There are 637 brass cases consisting of mostly Winchester and RP. They are separated with nickel in one bag and brass in another. All has been tumbled clean in crushed walnut media for about an hour (there is still some very light tarnish on some of the brass cases). Have a look at the picture. I would like $95 shipped to your address. USPS money order or very discrete Paypal +3.5% Thanks for looking. I have these posted on another board so if there are multiple offers, I will go by the time stamps.

03-21-2009, 4:18 PM
Would you consider local pickup or is this shipping only?

If so, where are you located? :)

03-21-2009, 4:21 PM
Yeah sure, You can save the $11 buck that USPS would charge for me to send it. I am in Mariposa near Yosemite.