View Full Version : 9mm and 40 calibre boolits for sale

03-19-2009, 10:14 PM

A friend of mine shipped me some molydenum disulfide boolits and I have some extras.

I can make face to face delivery with Cash deal this Saturday (March 21st, 2009) in Santa Clara and San Mateo area. I will be driving about 300 miles.

I don't have pictures but you can inspect and decide upon inspection.

At meeting on Saturday:

147gr truncated profile point 9mm, molydenum disulfide (non-smoking, substitute for jacketed bullets) $120/1000 boolits (delivered by direct meeting).

170gr truncated profile point 10mm/40cal boolits, molydenum disulfide coated boolits (not loaded cartridge) $140/1000 boolits (delivered by direct meeting).

Again, not loaded cartridges, just the lead boolits which are a pain to find. I had to have a friend ship his supply from out of state.

Please email me directly because I rarely check my PM's.